Fuel Management Solutions

Manufacturer of mobile and static fuel dispensing and management solutions.

Asset Management Solutions

Cloud Based IOT and M2M Solutions for movable and non-movable assets

Real time monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Infrastructure Management Solutions

Software and hardware solutions for smart cities and facility management.

Fuel Management Solutions

The "Fuel EyeTM" solution is a complete dispensing and recording solution that authorizes, captures, and records fuel and other dispensed fluids from your mobile bowser (tank mounted on a truck or pickup) with wireless or cellular data transfers.

The "Fuel EyeTM" is E4Engineer's line of fuel management solutions that provides advanced management tools using which managers can constantly monitor fuel supplies to improve overall fuel economy and to eliminate loss due to pilferage and theft. It provides cost-effective control over unattended fueling operations for increased security and accountability.

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Electronic Fuel Dispensers

The "Fuel Eye" is a fully Electronic(Digital) Fuel dispensing and Management solution which includes a highly accurate flow meter along with a very rugged electronic control and display. This system can be mounted on a vehicle(tank/bowser). System records all the transactions and reports to a web server for audit purpose.

The "Fuel Eye Lite" is smart choice for the customers who wants to get rid of mechanical dispensers to improve the accuracy and security of transactions. Hardware is essentially the same as our Fuel Eye system but there is less electronics and does not need any software for operation. Overall you get same level of flowrate, accuracy and security while little compromise on software features.

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